Medusa: design icon lamp


The iconic design lamp that has enchanted for over fifty years

The Medusa lamp by Valenti is a true design icon, both for its unique style and for its fascinating history. Designed by Olaf Von Bohr way back in 1968, this table and floor lamp is a symbol of elegance and sophistication that continues to enchant design lovers around the world. Let’s discover together the inspirations behind this timeless creation and why the Medusa lamp has become a staple in the permanent collection of Italian Design at the Triennale di Milano.

Inspiration from mythology

The name Medusa, from the ancient Greek Μέδουσα, recalls the Greek mythological monster with a head surrounded by snakes. Along with Steno and Euryale, Medusa was one of the three Gorgons, daughters of the sea gods Forco and Ceto. According to the myth, the gaze of the Gorgons had the power to petrify anyone who crossed it, and Medusa was the only one of the three to be mortal. The Medusa lamp takes its name from this mythological figure, with filaments reminiscent of the snakes that made up Medusa’s hair.


Design and materials:

Medusa is created by assembling a series of shaped lacquered strips about a steel hoop. This particular arrangement of the slats forms an extraordinarily soft light diffuser, creating a welcoming and evocative atmosphere in the surrounding environment. The glossy and minimalist design of Medusa makes it sinuous and winking, combining the elegance of essential lines with a charge of dream and poetry that remains timeless.

A design icon:

The Medusa lamp has won a place of honor in the permanent collection of Italian Design at the Triennale di Milano, a prestigious institution that celebrates the masterpieces of Italian design. This recognition testifies to the importance and influence that Medusa has had in the design scene, consecrating her as a timeless icon. Its presence in this collection is a tribute to the mastery of Olaf Von Bohr and the intrinsic beauty of this unique creation.

Jellyfish woman


Valenti’s Medusa lamp is much more than just a lighting object; It is a work of art that enchants viewers with its grace and elegance. Mythological inspiration and impeccable design make Medusa a timeless design icon. For over fifty years, this lamp has continued to illuminate spaces with its soft light. This lamp captures the attention of anyone in front of it. If you are looking for a lamp that has a visual impact and adds a touch of sophistication to your environment, the Medusa lamp is the perfect choice. Let yourself be enchanted by its timeless beauty and give your space a touch of timeless Italian design.

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