Medusa – Table and floor lamp

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Steel and aluminum structure. White painted aluminum diffuser folded and assembled by hand.

Table and floor lamp with 2 supports for E27 bulb

max 2x100W 230V E27

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The Medusa lamp, an iconic design creation born from the mind of Olaf von Bohr for Valenti in 1968, represents an incredible fusion of art and functionality. Available as both a table lamp and a floor lamp, Medusa is an illuminated work of art that enchants observers with its extraordinary design and fascinating history.

Medusa was created by assembling folded and painted aluminum slats around a central circle, creating a unique and particularly soft light diffuser. This feature gives Medusa a soft and enveloping light quality which makes it ideal for creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in any environment. Its sinuous and winking shape is an ode to the principles of lucid and minimalist design, which embraces essentiality without sacrificing beauty and poetry.

What makes Medusa even more extraordinary is its inclusion in the permanent collection of Italian Design at the Milan Triennale. This honor confirms its status as an iconic piece of design and recognizes Valenti’s lasting contribution to the Italian design scene. The Milan Triennale is internationally renowned for promoting innovative art and design, and being part of its permanent collection is a seal of excellence.

The name “Medusa” for this lamp has deep roots in Greek mythology. In the ancient world, Medusa was a monster with a head adorned with live snakes. She was one of the three Gorgons, daughters of the sea deities Phorcos and Ceto. Mythology says that the Gorgons had the frightening power to petrify anyone who met their gaze. Among the three, Medusa was the only one who was not immortal. The luminous filaments of this lamp suggestively recall the snakes that made up the Gorgon’s hair.

In conclusion, Medusa is much more than a simple table and floor lamp; it is a work of art that blends contemporary design and ancient mythology. Its unique charm, its fascinating history and its recognition in the permanent collection of Italian Design make Medusa a timeless piece of design that continues to enchant and inspire everyone who encounters it.

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