Olaf Von Bohr


Born in Salzburg, Austria.

In 1949 he began his career in woodworking and attended the Blocherer furniture school in Munich.

In 1954 he moved to Milan and entered the Ponti Fornaroli Rosselli studio. He then worked at the La Rinascente Development Office, and joined the Kartell team.

In 1960 he opened his own studio and began making pieces independently. With an innate curiosity in knowing both traditional artisanal and industrial and innovative production processes, he is also trained in the field by following each phase of preparation and production with engineers, technicians and workers.

For Valenti he draws: Daphne, Lighthouse, Medusa, Heron, Shell

Some most significant steps of his career:

1962 Creates the Swedish bed cabinet for Besana by Mariano Comense. III Biennale dello Standard, Mariano Comense Dining table, Christiane and Olaf von Bohr

1967 He began to collaborate with Ecolight, which later became Valenti, for the creation of lamps, including the famous Medusa

1970 Compasso d’Oro, signalling of honour Modular bookcase 4925, Kartell
Bauzentrum Vienna, silver medal Sectional bookcase 4925, Kartell

1972 BIO5 Ljubljana, selected Basket sovrapponibil, Kartell

1976 For Bilumen, he designs a floor lamp, various modular elements, a multipurpose trolley and a suspension lamp. II Concours Suisse pour la création dans l’ammeublement, Lausanne Libreria Lis+76,

1979 Compasso d’Oro, signaling of honor Wall hook 4702, Kartell – Trio, bath stool, Gedy MOMA, New York, Wall hook 4702, Kartell

1980 Designs for Lucitalia a watertight lamp for both exteriors and interiors.

1989 Compasso d’Oro, Detachable easel 4592, Kartell
Compasso d’Oro, Linda, bathroom basket 2509, Gedy
Design Innovationen Haus Industrieform Essen Varialuce RL4639, Relco

1996 He teaches modeling and design at the Industrial Design Seminars at the Umanitaria in Milan.

1997 Seminar cycle from the European Institute of Design in Cagliari, Seminar on hospitality
Udine International Chair Exhibition, Isis 3172, Sintesi2 Best Chair of the Year


Some lamps designed for Valenti


The original lamp is currently in production.

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