Valenti participates in MIA 2024

Valenti partecipa a MIA 2024
Valenti participates in MIA 2024

The Valenti brand, together with Looking for Art, participated, from 10 to 14 April 2024, in the thirteenth edition of MIA Milan Image Art Fair, the international art fair dedicated to photography in Italy, at the Allianz Mico Milano Congressi spaces, Via Gattamelata 13 (Milan – 20149).
The event took place from Thursday 10th to Sunday 14th April 2024. The inauguration of the fair, however, was held with a première and press preview on Wednesday 9th April 2024 from 4pm until 10pm.

For the 2024 edition of MIA Milan Image Art Fair, Looking for Art presents a partnership with SP Light and Design.

The partnership between Valenti e Looking for Art, presented during the MIA Photo Fair 2024, was born from the desire to combine art and design, fusing tradition and contemporaneity. In addition to exhibiting their works alongside the prestigious design pieces by Valenti, the selected photographers reinterpreted the brand’s three most famous products – Pistillo, Tama and Medusa – each through their own poetics and artistic vision.

Oscar Brum
The works on display are part of a series of photo interventions through which the artist recounts the millennial Mexican cultural heritage mixed with the artist’s personal experiences and family experience, creating a dialogue between ancient symbolism and contemporary dogmas.

Flavio Di Renzo
The shots presented belong to the Emikrania series, edited by Francesca Calzà and Martina Ghignatti, with which the artist Flavio Di Renzo transforms his migraine attacks into visual narration. The selected images are part of a delicate reflection intimately connected to the artist’s biography which, using shades, plays of light and chromatic hues, palpably conveys the fragmentation of vision due to migraine with aura. Di Renzo uses the photographic medium to immerse the visitor in all phases of a migraine episode, from hallucinations to paresthesia. The works underline the indisputable subjectivity of human perception, while at the same time making it readable by the multitude.

Alexander Gabriel
“Today our space is no longer an optical space that can be dominated by the eye, but it is a space of relationships”. Hidden in the nuances, Gabriel’s work seeks to continually rethink spatial and binomial transience, deconstructing the image and considering the spaces in between. Through the seriality of the “A CHAIR” project, created during a period of artistic residency at Fabrica, each photograph taken documents the act of returning, every day, to relate to a different portion of the field: a chair, a tomato, cut trees , crows, rain and so on. The work starts from a reflection on the actions that constantly act, undergo and impose themselves together with us, defining as intermediate spaces those windows that overlook a world of possible interactions.

Mauro Serra
Through an ironic gaze and a pop aesthetic with saturated colours, Serra’s artistic project captures the attention of the viewer, who finds himself forced into a reflection suggested from an uncomfortable, even disturbing point of view. Particular attention is paid to everyday life and the reflection on contemporaneity which has subverted the order of values, sliding onto a surface apparently impervious to deep reflections. It is from this perspective that Mauro Serra draws attention to waste and the unexpected value that it can acquire. This happens with a conscious use of the artistic medium and of visual communication, the latter developed in the field of neuroscience, which tells the naked and raw reality, embellished with a flashy dystopian mask capable of making attractive what in other circumstances is considered Disgusting.

All the works were exhibited and put on sale, according to the opening hours of the fair (from Thursday 10 to Sunday 14 April, from 12:00 to 20:30), at Allianz Mico Milano Congressi, Via Gattamelata 13 (Milan, 20149 ).

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