Lamps: how to choose the best ones


How to light up your home with lamps

Lamps are essential furnishing components for those who want to give their home a unique and personal atmosphere. The search for a suitable lamp can be difficult because it must perfectly match the domestic space.

Lamps decorate our homes with their shapes, their colors but above all with light. The light emanating plays a vital role in creating the environment.

How to light up the house

The light diffuses from the lamp which with its brightness releases a visual sensation that completes the furnishing of our home.

However, choosing the right lamp to light up your home is not always easy. In fact, the different types of lamps, in addition to representing our taste, differ in the different shades of light they emanate.

Grazie a questa guida imparerai a scegliere le migliori lampade da inserire negli ambienti. Ne scoprirai le caratterestiche come usarle al meglio e come rendere più bella ogni stanza della tua abitazione.

Whether it’s the bedrooms, the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room, you will find out which lamps are most suitable for a relative room in the house and how to make the most of them.

The best design lamps

The lamps give character to the space, giving new relief to our rooms. Imagine coming home after a long day and turning on your lamp which immediately gives character and atmosphere to the home, thus giving it a more intimate sense of “home”.

For this reason it is essential that the choice of the lamp is based on one’s personal taste without neglecting the technical and brightness characteristics that the lamp possesses.

By reading this guide you will learn to combine the instinctive choice of a lamp with the conscious one to match each luminous object to its space.

Le luci aggiungono quel tocco di classe che hai cercato per molto tempo, quel dettaglio che rende ogni ambiente della casa più confortevole.

The lamps for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most experienced places in the house. A room essential that you need to brighten your best. The light should be strong enough to illuminate the plans work, but at the same time creating a welcoming and elegant environment. For this room choose a pendant LED lamp or wall light with a white light source.

White light makes the room fully illuminated. The color gradation will give energy to the kitchen making it a hospitable and at the same time functional place.

Diva Parete is a modern, elegant and perfect lamp for the kitchen. It ‘available in chrome and gold version depending on the tastes of those who choose it. Diva single suspension is able to illuminate the kitchen completely and by choosing more products of the same model you can also create light points on the kitchen island, making the environment modern and glamorous.

Lamps for the living room

The living room is the living area, a space designed for hospitality and relaxation without neglecting the furnishing elements.

In questa stanza il vantaggio è poter scegliere le lampade che più si addicono al resto dell’arredamento e allo stile. Lampade da lettura, sospensioni o applique.

Diva Tripla is suited to all types of furniture still giving character and elegance to the room. is suited to all types of furniture still giving character and elegance to the room. The three white glass diffusers effectively illuminate the living room.

Medusa lamp (Olaf Von Bohr, 1968), in addition to being a historic lamp of Italian design, it is a luminous sculpture capable of creating an intimate and unique atmosphere.

If you love design with a strong personality and prefer striking light elements, the right lamp for your living room is Pistillo. Designed by Studio Tetrarch in 1970, still it has a contemporary design and detail.

Instead, if you want something more contemporary and minimal, the lampSphere (Marco Angnoli, 2004) It is perfect for modern interiors. The crystal balls will make your living room precious.

Bathroom lamps

The bathroom is a room in the house where you can take care of yourself and rediscover well-being. The lighting in this room should be functional, relaxing but at the same time has to create an energetic environment. We advise you to use wall lamps and ceiling lamps.

Ego Lineare (Mario Maccarini, 2009) is a system of ceiling lights particularly suitable for framing the mirror. This lamp is suitable for enhancing make-up and beauty.

Pistillino (Studio Tetrarch, 1972) instead it can be used to create scenic atmosphere in the bathroom. This lamp is for wall and ceiling and can be inserted in both elements to create a three-dimensional space.

Design lamps for the bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate place in the home, and is also the place that should make us feel more comfortable. In such a functional environment for relaxation and rest, it is necessary to choose lamps that help our eyes to relax, as well as effectively illuminate the room.

Lamps that have a soft and warm light are the most suitable for illuminating this space.

Diva Parete lends itself to being installed above bedside tables. With a simple and elegant design, it can be inserted in any type of furniture.

If you are looking for a lamp with a more contemporary design Sphere parete is the right lamp for you. Its particular and sophisticated design enriches the room.

Diva Shirley it is perfect as a bedside lamp. This small lamp is able to illuminate the sleeping area and be functional for reading. Similarly above the bedside table or in the center of the room Diva Sospensione it is particularly suitable for bedrooms.

Have you already chosen the best lamps for your home? Now that lighting has no more secrets for you, all you have to do is start decorating your home.