Milord Coat Hanger

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Chromed steel coat hanger

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In 1968, the Valenti Technical Studio presented the world with a design icon: Milord, an elegant accessory for the floor coat hanger, also known as Attaccapanni. This masterpiece of minimalism is still an example of timeless elegance, whose visual impact is undeniably powerful.

Milord Coat Hanger is the quintessence of minimalist design. Made from simple shaped steel wire, this décor accessory exemplifies the beauty that lies in simplicity. Its unique and recognizable shape makes it an object of desire for design lovers all over the world.

Its unique and recognizable shape makes it an object of desire for design lovers all over the world. This little trick allows you to hang ties, belts or even a small bag, ensuring that your accessories are always within reach and in perfect order.

But Milord Hanger is not just design, it is also robustness. Its steel frame is designed to withstand the weight of heavy winter clothing. No matter how many jackets, coats or scarves you hang on it, Milord will always be at your service. Milord’s chrome finish adds a touch of eternal class.

This classic and timeless finish easily adapts to any context and makes Milord a discreet and elegant complement to any home environment.

Milord is a timeless work of art that represents the fusion of elegant forms and timeless functionality. Its impact goes beyond the aesthetic aspect; it is a symbol of refinement and practicality for design lovers. With over half a century of history, its presence in homes and workplaces continues to have an enduring influence. The attention to detail, sturdiness and chrome finish give Milord a prestigious position among coat hanger accessories. And, despite the years that have passed since its creation, Milord Coat Hanger proves that timeless elegance and well-conceived functionality remain appreciated from generation to generation. If you’re looking for a way to organize your clothes with style and reliability, Milord is the ideal choice, embodying a timeless aesthetic and quality that will stand the test of time.

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