The Pistillo lamp in Casafacile of October


In the October 2020 issue of Casafacile magazine there is also the Pistillo lamp (Studio Tetrarch, 1970).

Pistillo in the project

Stylist Vanessa Pisktook care of the style details and created the service on the magazine by adding some furnishing elements.

Pistillo is installed as a wall lamp in the living area full of charm and charm. The Pistillo lamp stands out in this environment but manages to fit in balance with the space.

The Project

The architect Mariapaola Mauri has decided to modernize her home by giving a touch of unique style and drawing inspiration from the architect Piero Portaluppi by reproducing one of his most typical features: the lozenges. The apartment dating back to 1913 has been renovated highlighting the classic and original elements of the time.

The photos were taken by the photographer Giandomenico Frassi.

The Pistillo Lamp

Designed by Studio Tetrarch in 1970, Pistillo is a wall, table and ceiling lamp.

A unique and effective lamp with a shape inspired by nature. Pistil is the female reproductive organ of the flower. Winning style and design are evident in the chrome body and arms surrounding the central bulb. Designed by Studio Tetrarch in 1970, still in the 21st century its design continues to be always interesting and intriguing. A lamp with a brilliant and modern design perfect in any space.

“It was born as an attempt to interpret the drop-shaped chandelier of Murano glassmakers in a modern way. The attempt fails both for the refusal of the Murano workers to assimilate new production technologies and for the “arrogant” ability that plastic seems to have, at that particular moment (1969) to face and solve any problem by substituting and replacing any other material. ” (E. De Munari)

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