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Linear Ego: The Ideal Light

Designed by the architect Mario Maccarini, the Ego lamp is the ideal module to illuminate [...]

Valenti Showcase via Molino delle Armi Milan

SP Light presents: Thursday 19 May, Exhibition of Iconic Valenti Products at Pellegrinelli Arreda. Milan, [...]

The History of the Valenti Illuminazione Brand continues

Press release The company SP Light and Design registers the Valenti trademark ® Milan, 2 [...]

The Pistillo lamp in Casafacile of October

In the October 2020 issue of Casafacile magazine there is also the Pistillo lamp (Studio [...]

Kl Pavillion – Kuala Lampur

Pavillon Kl- Kuala Lampur Calligrafico terra and Calligrafico KL are chosen to be included in [...]

University of Salerno – Projects

The Sfera lamp in the project of Prof. Nicola Pagliara SP Light and Design produced [...]

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